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Craft an Exceptional Presentation
Whether you're an up-and-coming speaker, preparing for a speech contest, or a seasoned executive with years of corporate expertise, the distinction between a good speech and an outstanding one often lies in the guidance of a seasoned coach. That's where I come in. Allow me to be your dedicated coach, and explore the diverse range of coaching options I offer.
Script Evaluation
Receive written feedback on a script. I evaluate elements of clarity, coherence, storytelling, consistency with the purpose, emotional impact and language musicality. Feedback is ready within 1 week.
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Video Evaluation
Receive written evaluation of a recorded performance. In addition to scripting elements, I evaluate stage presence, props, and, especially, audience connection. Feedback is ready within 1 week and can be further discussed in a virtual meeting.
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1-Hour Session
A consultation session for speakers who have made some headway into their presentation or those who need very specific feedback or recommendations. Can be conducted physically or virtually.
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10-Session Bundle
Receive personalized coaching from me over the course of ten 1-Hour sessions. During this time we will work on crafting a compelling speech, and meticulously planning its delivery. Ideal for individuals who need support developing a roadmap from speech inception to delivery.
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Book a World Class Speaker today
Companies that prioritize the development of their employees, particularly in refining their soft skills, deserve commendation. They often boast thriving work environments and teams of highly motivated, contented individuals.

As your company strives to nurture essential soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, it's crucial to tap into the expertise of industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and dedicated experts.
In-House Trainings
Receive workshops and trainings for your company or team designed to boost productivity, team culture, and the soft-skills that promote a healthy work environment.
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Keynote Address
Inspire teams and clients to action and increased productivity. Unforgettable stories that are years in the crafting and an enthusiastic, lively delivery may just mark a turning point in your team’s professional outlook.

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Event Hosting
Running a conference, award ceremony, or any other show? Add a touch of ‘World Class’ through your choice of event host.
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Elevate Your Institution with World Class Speaker
Educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Those that invest in the holistic development of their students, including honing essential soft skills, truly stand out. They foster environments where students are motivated, engaged, and equipped with the tools they need for success.
Educational Lecture
For Universities and other educational institutions looking to invite a professional speaker to conduct a lecture. It is possible to organize recorded lectures to be prepared for online courses.
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Keynote Address
Tailored exclusively for  students. Cyril 's keynotes aren't just about motivation; they're about empowerment. He empowers students to embrace their unique strengths, overcome obstacles, and chart their own path towards greatness. From cultivating resilience to fostering a growth mindset, Cyril equips students with the fortitude to thrive academically and beyond.
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Full Course: Principles of Public Speaking
This  semester-long course is  designed to equip university students with the essential skills required to excel in the realm of making professional presentations. Through a structured curriculum, students will embark on a  journey, honing their abilities to articulate ideas, influence audiences, and confidently express themselves.
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My Talks
What do others say  about me?

" Cyril possesses a unique skill-set and a remarkable desire to share his knowledge. He is the kind of speaker you can trust to deliver each time, and an exciting talent to watch as he matures in speaking and coaching. "

Pawel Jach
Executive Director & Franchise Owner, BNI Polska

" I recently worked with Cyril to prepare for officiating my best friends' wedding. Cyril's wedding ceremony expertise shone as he guided me in structuring a meaningful and appropriate speech. His invaluable guidance boosted my comfort and confidence, not just refining content but also thoughtfully involving the families. In two highly effective sessions, Cyril's contagious high energy provided the motivation and assurance I needed to deliver a memorable speech and navigate the ceremony effectively. I highly recommend Cyril for public speaking guidance, especially for significant occasions."

Bruno Bianchini
Sustainability Expert
Alumnus - Harvard University

" Cyril is an absolute master of bringing a presentation and its message to the greatest possible light. His adaptive style of teaching was an invaluable tool in my preparations for the G50 Seoktoberfest Conference held in Austria. "

Tomek Rudzki
SEO Specialist, Head of R&D at Onely

" I chose Cyril for coaching because he's a dedicated professional committed to my growth as a speaker. With his support, I won a national speech contest after just a few sessions. Cyril is thoughtful, pragmatic, and honest, taking time to understand my goals. His mastery of storytelling, tailored sessions, and challenging exercises expanded my comfort zone. Most importantly, he helped develop a positive mindset and instilled self-belief, teaching me to trust my fullest potential."

Rukhsana Khan
Legal Practitioner, Entrepreneur
Alumnus - University of Cambridge

" Mr. Cyril Junior Dim's lectures stand out for his exceptional treatment of students, knowledge transfer, and class conduction. His individualized approach fosters a friendly relationship, inspiring respect and maintaining an organized and friendly classroom environment, resulting in consistently high attendance. With vast experience, Mr. Dim enriches knowledge acquisition through real-life examples and diverse teaching methods. Overall, Mr. Cyril Junior Dim's lectures are a pleasure to attend and likely influence future public speaking skills. "

University of Economics

" Ndini, what a powerful and inspiring speech, what acompelling call to us all to appreciate who we really are, whata strong message to help us accept and love ourselves as weare. Yes yes yes… Ndini. "

Robert Salijeni
CEO - Roofhouse Oglivy, Division M Director - Toastmasters International
Discover the Author Behind the Insights
Curious to learn more about the person behind the words? Dive into my journey, experiences, and the passion that fuels my insights. Visit the About Me page to get acquainted and gain a deeper understanding of the perspective I bring to the table.
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