Full Course: Principles of Public Speaking
Virtual or On-Site
Lectures, Exercise Tutorials
15 weeks
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This Course will be Beneficial For
Aspiring Public Speakers
Develop foundational public speaking skills in a fun and easy manner, unlocking the potential for effective communication and argumentation.
University Students
Equip students with essential public speaking skills, complementing their hard skills, and preparing them for future career advancement.
Members of Faculty
Enhance the communication abilities of faculty members, allowing them to convey information effectively and engage with students more dynamically.
Young Professionals
Empower young professionals with the crucial skill of public speaking, enabling them to advance in their careers and stand out in a competitive professional landscape.
Broaden the communicative capabilities of writers, enabling them to articulate ideas more effectively and engage with audiences beyond the written form.
What You Will Experience?
A fascinating look into human behavioral psychology
Stories from my long career as a professional speaker
A sense of being challenged. I demand that my students find the courage to speak up and speak clearly
Opportunities to practice and hone your skills
Exposure to a leading expert in speech craft and delivery, the World Champion of Public Speaking
What You'll Get as a Result
Audience Awareness
Develop a keen understanding of your audience, tailoring your communication style to effectively connect and resonate with them.
Effective Topic Selection
Learn strategies for choosing engaging and relevant topics, capturing your audience's interest and attention.
Impactful Delivery Techniques
Develop techniques to deliver presentations with impact, engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impression.
Optimized Rehearsal Approaches
Master rehearsal techniques to refine your presentation, enhancing your confidence and delivery effectiveness.
Clarity of Purpose
Gain the ability to define a clear purpose for your presentations, ensuring that your message is focused and impactful.
Content Mastery
Acquire skills in gathering and organizing content, ensuring that your presentations are well-structured and informative.
Memorization Proficiency
Learn effective memorization techniques, ensuring a confident and seamless delivery of your presentation.
Stress Management Skills
Acquire techniques to manage presentation-related stress, maintaining composure and delivering with confidence.
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