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Explore the chapters of my journey, each marked with significant milestones and noteworthy achievements. This page is dedicated to sharing not only my story, but also the impactful moments that have shaped my path.
What Do I Do?
Professional Speaker
With a passion for captivating audiences and delivering impactful messages, I've honed the art of public speaking to inspire and motivate.
Guiding individuals and teams towards their full potential is my forte. Through tailored coaching sessions, I help unlock hidden talents and drive success.
Event Host
As a skilled host, I have had the privilege of orchestrating a lot of events, ensuring seamless execution and creating memorable experiences.
Lecturer at Educational Institutions
I have the honor of shaping the minds of future leaders, imparting both knowledge and practical insights.
Take Public Speaking From The Stage To Everyday Life
My mission is to demystify the art of public speaking, making it a skill accessible to everyone, not just reserved for grand stages. I believe that effective communication is not limited to formal presentations, but rather an essential tool for success in everyday life. Through tailored coaching and practical techniques, I aim to empower individuals to express themselves confidently, whether it's in a boardroom, a social gathering, or even a casual conversation. Together, we'll unlock the potential within, transforming public speaking from a daunting prospect to a natural and empowering aspect of personal growth.
Journey to Whom I Became
My earliest recollection of being onstage was at age 3. It was during a typical school play that I enjoyed for the simple reason that I got to play a king. Being onstage was normal in my family: my mother was an actress, and my aunt was a runway model in Miami. It all constituted a fairly normal part of who we were: Performers. This all changed when I wrote my first speech. In all honesty, my first speech was a little more than a homework assignment, and a little less than a stroke of sheer luck. Two paragraphs, written hastily before dinner, became my stepping stone to the upper echelons of Public Speaking. On the road to the World Title were stints in theatre, Standup Comedy, sports commentary, social dance, a few police stations, and a plethora of story-worthy professional milestones.

In the realm of public speaking, l've discovered a profound passion that transcends mere words. It's about the art of connection, the ability to inspire, and the privilege of influencing positive change. From humble beginnings to commanding stages around the world, my journey has been a testament to the power of communication. Each presentation is a chance to bridge hearts and minds, to share ideas that resonate and compel action.

Through years of dedicated practice and unwavering commitment, l've had the honour of addressing diverse audiences, from intimate gatherings to grand conferences. It's in these moments, when eyes light up with understanding, when questions spark lively discussions, that I find my greatest fulfilment. As a public speaker, I aim not only to inform, but to leave an indelible mark - a lasting impression that lingers, inspiring change long after the applause fades.
My Talks
Cyril In The News
Sep 14 2022
Four Ways To Attract Clients By Speaking Like A Toastmasters World Champion
For agency owners, business coaches and strategic consultants, it pays to be a better speaker. Public speaking is clearly the top strategy for attracting new clients.So, take a lesson from Cyril Junior Dim, a 24-year-old Zimbabwean software engineer living in Wroclaw, Poland, who won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking on Saturday, August 20 in Nashville...
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Sep 19 2022
How to perform in public? The best orator in the world revealed his ways
Cyril Junior Dim wygrał mistrzostwa świata w przemówieniach publicznych. Mistrz oratorstwa w Dzień Dobry TVN zdradził, jakie ma sposoby na to, by świetnie zaprezentować się na scenie. Sprawdź, jak zaciekawić słuchaczy swoim monologiem.
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Aug 26 2022
Our graduate becomes world champion in public speaking
Our Zimbabwe-born graduate Cyril came to Wrocław in 2018 to start his degree programme at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. He studied Computer Science for three and a half years, played for Wrocław Tech’s basketball team, and joined the Wrocław Toastmasters...
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Aug 31 2022
A toast to Zim public speaking champion
ON August 20, through a motivational speech titled Ndini, Cyril Junior Dim won the Toastmasters World Championship Public Speaking for 2022. This was a remarkable achievement, not least because the competition involved 30 000 participants from 144 countries.It took a lot of courage for Cyril to share his personal experience in that speech and in the same vein, speak on behalf of millions in similar circumstances.
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Aug 30 2022
A graduate of Wrocław University of Science and Technology has just become the World Champion of Public Speaking. You will be surprised where he works and what he does
Cyrili Junior Dim zwyciężył na World Champion of Public Speaking 2022 w USA i właśnie został najmłodszym mistrzem świata w wystąpieniach publicznych. 24-latek pochodzi z Zimbabwe, ale od lat mieszka we Wrocławiu.
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