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What I Host
A plane needs a pilot, a ship needs a captain, and your event needs a firm, dedicated voice looking after all participants and the flow of the agenda… From introducing speakers, to entertaining the audience and coordinating with technical staff behind the scenes, I can make sure your event is not only professionally impressive, but also memorable.Entrust me with refining the agenda, briefing speakers, warming up the audience, maintaining the flow and energy of the event and giving personality to the event at large.
Gala Dinners
Awards Shows
Academic Ceremonies
Competitions / Contests
Internal Integration Meetings
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A Good Host Makes A Difference
In addition to extensive speaking experience,you may also be interested to know that Ibelieve in being the kind of host that is:
Conversational: I help the audience to let their shoulders down and feel that they are a welcome part of the event.
In Control: I give all stakeholders the comfort of knowing that their needs pertaining to the event are being taken care of competently.
Complementary: I direct all focus to speakers/panelists/participants rather than hogging the spotlight.
What I Bring as a Host
Professional Experience
I’ve done sport comentary, hosted comedy shows, conference events, celebratory events and contests spanning from 2014.
I do not shy away from the opportunity to host an event, especially where the job at hand is drawing attention away from myself.
Speaking Prowess
I’ve had the great fortune of being trained to use humor, rhetoric and physical props to engage audiences.
I am poised under pressure and am able to shape shift should anything unexpectedly change during the running of the event.
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