Keynote: This is Me, Ndini
A simple word in ChiShona, one of the native languages of Zimbabwe, carries wisdom that many people overlook - the wisdom in recognizing and accepting self. For many, self-acceptance is a cliché of modern media, often limited to superficial qualities like our physical appearance. The story of my life has led me to examine self-acceptance from an even more important angle: Identity. Acknowledging and accepting one’s identity is key to thriving as a family member, professional and as a member of a vastly diverse community and world. Please enjoy the story of Ndini.
Virtual or On-Site
45 min
€1500 (netto)
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This Keynote will be Beneficial For
Teams Comprised of Young Professionals
Inspires self-awareness, emphasizing the role of individual identity in personal and professional growth.
Company Events and Galas
Enhances corporate culture by promoting self-acceptance, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding workplace.
Conference Attendees
Provides valuable insights into deeper dimensions of self-acceptance, fostering a sense of belonging among participants.
Foreigners & Expats
Facilitates cultural integration by emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and respecting individual identities in a diverse world.
Inspires students to embrace self-discovery, navigate complexities of self-acceptance, and empower their personal development journey.
What You Will Experience?
Connect with the speaker's personal journey of feeling different due to mixed ancestry, fostering empathy and prompting your own reflections on moments of distinctiveness in your life.
Engage in a collective exploration of lessons derived from global travel, gaining insights into diverse cultures and perspectives, which can broaden your understanding of uniqueness and shared human experiences.
Discover the transformative power of a simple Shona word in strengthening your resolve and self-confidence, offering practical tools to confront discouragement and embrace your uniqueness as something special.
What You'll Get as a Result
Enhanced Self-Understanding
Develop  awareness of personal experiences where you felt different, fostering a deeper understanding of your own identity and unique journey.
Global Perspective and Cultural Appreciation
Acquire a broader worldview through a global travel, promoting a richer understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives.
Celebration of Uniqueness
Shift the perspective from feeling different to recognizing and embracing your uniqueness.
Empowered Mindset and Resilience
Develop a resilient mindset, enhancing self-confidence and resolve in the face of challenges related to feeling different.
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