How To Give Feedback & Inspiration In The Same Breath
Virtual or On-Site
2 hours
€1500 (netto)
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This Training will be Beneficial For
Business Owners
Boost team productivity and satisfaction with a positive work culture.
Team Members
Elevate engagement and spur growth with uplifting input.
Team Leaders
Lead by example, fostering open communication and boosting team morale.
Enhance hiring decisions by evaluating skills and growth potential.
Guide mentees to greater success effectively.
Unleash full potential in athletes or clients.
Foster trust and growth for success.
What You Will Experience?
Real-life examples of feedback scenarios, demonstrating the transformative power of empathetic and precise communication.
Engage in a round-robin session for group evaluation and feedback, gaining insights from diverse perspectives and approaches.
Participate in a 'think-out-loud' session, where we'll explore how feedback can profoundly influence a person's attitude and performance.
What You'll Get as a Result
The Empathetic Mindset
Understand how to approach feedback with empathy and understanding, ensuring it's genuinely helpful and not demoralizing.
Precision in Communication
Master the art of conveying feedback in a way that's clear, specific, and actionable, reducing misunderstandings and fostering growth.
Goal-Oriented Feedback
Learn techniques to align your feedback with the receiver's professional objectives, making it more relevant and impactful.
Constructive Critique Skills
Acquire the ability to deliver negative feedback in a manner that motivates improvement and preserves relationships.
Foundational Feedback Principles
Internalize the essential principles that guide effective feedback, ensuring your guidance is consistently beneficial.
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